martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 493

1.- “Boogie Woogie Santa Claus”. Mabel Scott
2.- “What Will Santa Claus Say ”. Louis Prima & His New Orleans Gang
3.- "Everbodys Whalin”. Huey Piano Smith and His Rhythin Aces
4.- “Lyla Lou”. Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys
5.- “The Bands a Rockin”. Johnnie Lee Wills
6.- “Rice City Stomp”. Hackberry Ramblers
7.- “Guararé”. Noro Morales
8.- “La Conga Blicoti”. Don Marino Barreto and His Cuban Orchestra
9.- “El Tomatero”. Sexteto Habanero
10.- “Compay Póngase Duro”. Cuarteto Marcano
11.- “Miss Bombilla Brown”. Atilla the Hun w Gerald Clark and His Calypso Serenaders
12.- “Sally You Not Ashamed”. Lionel Belasco's Orchestra
13.- “Lulu’s Back In Town”. Fats Waller
14.- “Hoera Tjintjin”. The Ambonia Serenaders
15.- “Citaco”. Lowe Stokes & Bert Layne
16.- “Possum On The Rail”. Mississippi Possum Hunters
17.- “The Kansas City Blues”. Delmore Brothers
18.- “Midnight Trouble Blues”. Son Becky
19.- “The House Of Blue Lights”. Merrill Moore
20.- “I'm Gonna Leave You”. Amos Milburn
21.- “Smooth Operator”. Ruth Brown
22.- “Chotaw Boogie”. Bob Reed
23.- “Rhumboogie”. Rhumboogie Bob Zurke & His Delta Rhythm Band
24.- “Train Whistle Nightmare”. Joe “Cannonball” Lewis
25.- “Hard-Hearted Girl”. Leon McAuliffe and his Western Swing Band
26.- “The Texas Special”. Luke Wills & Rhythm Busters
27.- “Takin' Off”. Modern Mountaineers
28.- "Little Joe from Chicago”. Andy Kirk 12 Clouds Of Joy
29.- “Marijuana The Devils Flower ”. Mr Sunshine
30.- “Los Chucos Suaves”. Lalo Guerrero Y Sus Cinco Lobos
31.- “I've Got The Girl”. Adrian Rollini's Goofus Five
31.- “Doin The Raccoon”. George Olsen and his Music
32.- "Coplas de navidad : Rubios y morenas”. Alina Bermejo y José Moro


Melodías Pizarras Vol 492

1.- “Bouncin' The Boogie”. The Royal Kings
2.– “Fly Right Boogie”. (Moore) Merrill Moore
3.- “I Cant Go On (Rosalie)”. Fats Domino
4.- “Baby Keep Stealin'”. Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies
5.- “Papa's Gone”. The Nite Owls
6.- “Shake The Boogie.  John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson
7.- “Mambo Mono”. Noro Morales
8.- “Cero Brinco”. Conjunto Kubavana
9.- “Said the Monkey. Antobal's Cubans
10.- “Que te están mirando”. Trío Matamoros y su Conjunto
11.- “Stickman”. Aguinaldo Hooker
12.- “The Peanut Vendor”. Marius B. Winter & His Dance Orchestra
13.- “Rate Rate Rate. Lord Invader
14.- “Louis Schmeling Fight”. The Lion and The Atilla The Hun
15.- “Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight”. Jay Ball’s Kona Hawaiians
16.- “La Nueva Moda”. Ray y Laurita con el Mariachi Tapatío
17.- “Lili Marlen”. Pilar Ruiz Luis Duque y su Orquesta
18.- “Got The Jitters”. Don Redman Orchestra
19.- “Ride Red Ride”. Mills Blue Rhythm Band
20.- “Farewell Blues”. Joe Liggins and His Honeydrippers
21.- “Maybe You'll Love Me”. Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band
22.- “Bull Frog Boogie”. Earl Stone
23.- “Katy Did”. Lowe Stokes and Mike Whitten
24.- “Cousin Sally Brown. Virginia Mountain Boomers
25.- “Travelling Boogie”. Zeb Turner
26.- “Tant Pis Pour Moin”. Alphonso et son Orqueste Créole
27.- “Quando a Sudade Apertar”. Carmen Miranda & Silvio Caldas
28.- “Oua Oua”. Kanui y Lula
29.- “Tildy Johnson”. Lulu Belle & Scotty
30.- “Happy Feet”. Frank Trumbauer And His Orchestra
31.- “Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)”. The Ever-Bright Boys


sábado, 10 de diciembre de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 491

1.- “Leather Breeches”. Earl Johnson and His Clodhoppers
2.- “Too Young to Get Married”. Crazy Hillbilly Band
3.- “Pleasin You”. Nappy Brown
4.- “Roll Em”. Joe Liggins
5.- “You're Bound To Look Like A Monkey”. Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies
6.- “I'll Keep My Old Guitar”. Adolph Hofner & His Texans
7.- “Ran Kan Kan”. Tito Puente
8.- “Carmelina”. Cuarteto Caney
9.- “Bailando una noche”. Sexteto Flores (Victor) (1938)
10.- “Ti Mâmâ”. Issa El Saieh y su Orquesta
11.- "Taboo". Enric Madriguera
12.- “My Life Of Matrimony”. Lord Executor
13.- "Mabel”. Lord Fly and His Orchestra
14.- "Limehouse Blues”. Roy Smeck and His Hawaiians Serenaders
15.- “Brown Skin Mama”. State Street Ramblers
16.- “Come On Back”. Washboard Sam and his Washboard Band
17.- “El Corrido Del Petroleo”. Ray y Laurita
18.- “Raska- yú”. Bonet de San Pedro y los Siete de Palma
19.-  "Le Swing à L'école".Fred Adison
20.- “I Cry For My Baby”. Peppermint Harris
21.- "My Dreamboat Struck A Snag". Louis Innis and his Strings Dusters
22.- "The Sissy Song”. Kenny Roberts and Tommy Sosebee 
23.- “Saratoga Shout”. Louis Russell Orchestra
24.- “Sugar Babe” . Lulu Belle and Scotty
25.- “I Got A Bulldog”. Virginia Mountain Boomers
26.- “Papio”. The Royal Polynesians
27.- “Fire, Fire”(---). Shake Keane and his Trumpet
28.- "Steelin' Is His Business". Jerry Byrd
29.- “Who's Sorry Now”.The Nite Owls
30.- “Sweet Jennie Lee”.Ted Wallace & His Orchestra
31.- "We're In The Money”. Art Kahn's Orchestra