miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 480


1.- “Hooligans”. Count Lasher.
2.– “Mighty, Mighty Man”. Roy Brown.
3.- “Hey! Fat Man”. Fats Domino.
4.- “Melting Blues”. Amos Milburn.
5.- “Who Walks In When I Walk Out”. Leon's Lone Star Cowboys.
6.- “Hot Peanuts”. The Tune Wranglers.
7.- “Pardon Bondieu”. Felix Valvert & son orchestre.
8.- “Canten y Bailen”. Septeto Machín.
9.- “Báñate en el mar”. Cuarteto Caney.
10.- “Linda Guajira”. Panchito Riset.
11.- “The Soldiers Came & Broke Up My Life”.Lord Invader.
12.- “Na Kuahiwi O Mokuokeawe”. Coral Islander's.
13.- “Horsie Keep Your Tail Up”. Lew Childre.
14.- “You Can Depend On Me?”. Fletcher Henderson..
15.- " Rhythm Mad”. Billy Cotton and his Band.
16.- “Hard Time Blues”. Ida Cox and her All Star Band.
17.- “Dance All Night with a Bottle in Your Hand”. Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers.
18.- “Farmer Gray”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
19.- “Oye este mambo”. La Sonora Matancera.
20.- “El Retorno de Cristobal Colón”. Luis Rovira y su Orquesta.
21.- "Samba Caramba”. José Casas Augé y su Orquesta, Trío Vocal Hermanas Russell.
22.- “Jamaica Mama”.Jack Sneed and His Sneezers.
23.- “Charleston Number 1”. Fiddlin’ Doc Roberts.
24.- “Ho'oheno Keia No Beauty”. Andy Iona and his Islanders.
25.- “Milk Bucket Boogie”. Red Foley.
26.- “Boogie Woogie Highball”. Johnnie Lee Wills and His Boys.
27.- “Madhouse”. Benny Goodman and His Orchestra.
28.- “Sho' Is Hot”. Thomas' Devils.
29.- “Last Night I Heard Somebody Cry”. Sue Thompson.
30.- "Truckin'”. Billy Cotton and his Cotton Pickers.
31.- "Half A Moon” . Johnny Marvin.


Melodías Pizarras Vol 479

1.- “Sissy Man Blues”. Kokomo Arnold.
2.– “Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got”. Julia Lee and her Boyfriends.
3.- “Drive, Daddy, Drive”. Little Sylvia.
4.- “Boogie Woogie Baby”. Delmore Brothers.
5.- "Get In Line Brother". Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.
6.- “My Sweet Thing”. The Tune Wranglers.
7.- “Bruno Zayas”. Orchestre Typique Cubain.
8.- “El Trío Y El Ciclón”. Trio Matamoros
9.- “Mis Hijos Se Me Casaron”. Trio Servando Díaz
10.- “Estou Com O Diabo No Corpo”. Marlene.
11.- “Coulouman. Alphonso et son Orchestre Creole.
12.- “Baboolala”. Roaring Lion.
13.- “Stone Cold Dead In The Market”. Vincent Martin & His Bahamians.
14.- “Hot Rod Baby”. Dick Reinhart and his Lone Star Boys.
15.- “Bugle Call Rag”. Metronome All Star Band.
16.- “I Like Music (Played With A Swing Like This)”. Cab Calloway.
17.- “With a Twist of the Wrist”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
18.- “My Lulu Gal”. Yodeling Slim Clark.
19.- “He's a Real Gone Guy”. Nellie Lutcher.
20.- "Take Me Back To Little Rock"). Lil Green.
21.- “Mimi Mimosa”. Rina Celi.
22.- “Tres Vagabundos”. Orquesta Gran Casino, con su trío vocal.
23.- “Lost”. Mezz Mezzrow& His Swing Band.
24.- “Tic Tic Tic”. Robert Mitchum.
25.- “Tamuré”. The Royal Polynesians Eddie Lund.
26.- “Gonna Change My Businees All Around”. Buddy Jones.
27.- "Whose Blues Are You Now”. Cecil Campbell’s Tennessee Ramblers.
28.- "Gold Coast Express”. Patsy Montana.
29.- "Is This Gonna Be My Lucky Summer". Tommy Dorsey.
30.- “I Love A Ukulele”. Frank Ferera's Hawaiian Trío.
31.- "Hot Feet". Paul Specht and his Orchestra.


miércoles, 22 de junio de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 478


1.- “Hot Rod Race”. Arkie Shibley and His Mountain Dew Boys.
2.– “I Want To Be Happy”. Ella Fitzgerald Orchestra.
3.- “Youre Bound To Look Like A Monkey”. Hank Penny.
4.- “Singing Swinging For Me”. Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers.
5.- “Drifting Along”. The Modern Mountaineers.
6.- “I Wanna Be A Cowboys Sweetheart”. W. Lee ODaniel and his Hillbilly Boys.
7.- “Doo Wacka Doo”. Clyde McCoy and His Orchestra.
8.- “Ti Bap-Ti Bap”. Alphonso y su Orquesta Típica Antillana.
9.- “The Cooks In Trinidad”. Wilmoth Houdini with Gerald Clark's Night Owls.
10.- “Glamour Gal”. The Ticklers.
11.- “Arturito”. Flores Sexteto.
12.- “Flores De Alelí”. Sexteto Boloña.
13.- “There's Nothing Else To Do ”. Sol Hoopii and his Novelty Quartette.
14.- “My Mammys Yodel Song”. Frankie Marvin.
15.- “On The Road Again”. Memphis Jug Band.
16.- “Mr. Stalin Youre Eating Too High on the Hog”. Arthur (Guitar Boogie) Smith.
17.- “Mule Boogie”. Sheb Wooley.
18.- “Torero”. Julius La Rosa con Nick Perito and His Orchestra.
19.- “Mari Juana”. Tito Puente.
20.- “Hey! Ba-ba re-bop”. Bernard Hilda y su Orquesta.
21.- “Margarita”. Elsie Bayron con Luis Rovira y su Orquesta.
22.- “Scrub Me Mama, with the Boogie Beat”. Will Bradley.
23.- “Jack The Bellboy”. Lionel Hampton Orchestra.
24.- “Caffeine And Nicotine”. Paul Westmoreland and his Pecos River Boys.
25.- “Too Old To Cut The Mustard”. Homer & Jethro.
26.- “Der Fuehrer's Face”. Johnny Bond and His Red River Valley Boys.
27.- “Bull Fiddle Blues”. Johnny Dodds Washboard Band.
28.- “How'm I Doin (Hey-Hey)”. Don Redman ans His Orchestra.
29.- “Swat That Love Bug”. Bob Skyles and his Skyrockers.
30.- "Goin To The Barn Dance Tonight”. Carson Robison & His Buckaroos.
31.- "All Alone Monday”. Nat Shilkret and the Victor Orchestra.