martes, 14 de diciembre de 2010

Melodías Pizarras Terráqueas Vol 71

1.- "Shake, Rattle and Roll”. Joe Turner and his Blues Kings. (USA)
2.- “School Day”. Don Lang and his ‘Frantic Five’. (Inglaterra)
3.- “Tennessee Central ‘Number 9’”. Roy Acuff and his Smoky Mountain Boys. (USA)
4.- "Barndance Breakdown”. Cecil Campbell’s Tennessee Ramblers. (USA)
5.- "The Streets of New York”. Hoosier Hot Shots. (USA)
6.- "Gotta Have Something in The Bank Frank”. Bob Jaxon. (USA)
7.- “I put a spell of you”. Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. (USA)
8.- "Cannon Ball Rag”. Merle Travis. (USA)
9.- "Little Bessie”. The Alabama Barn Stormers. (USA)
10.-“Nora”. Lord Kitchener. (Trinidad)
11- "Mahotela Park Station”. Abahambi. (Sudáfrica)
12- "Morning Tune”. Mario De Conceicao (Sudáfrica)
13- "Whole Hog or None”. Curley Williams and the Georgia Peach Pickers. (USA)
14- "I’m Startin’ Sweetheartin’ Again". Al Dexter. (USA)
15- "Devil’s Dream”. Kessinger Brothers. (USA)


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