martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Melodías Pizarras Terráqueas Vol 97

1.– “Tweedle Dee”. Lavern Baker and The Guiders. (USA)
2.- “Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas”. Phil Harris and his Orchestra. (USA)
3.- “Little Wooden Whistle”. Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers. (USA)
4.- “The Devil’s Great Grandson”. Sons of the Pioneers. (USA)
5.- “Doin The Raccoon”. John Boyd and his Southerners. (USA)
6.- “Shakin’ The African”. Don Redman and his Orchestra. (USA)
7.- “I Roto ‘Cent Vingt Six’”. Trio Les Tropiques avec Hiriata. (Tahiti)
8.- “Country Boy”. Ben Bowers and his Royal Jamaicans. (Jamaica)
9.- “Hard Time Baby”. Joe Houston. (USA)
10.- “You Rascal You”. Cab Calloway and his Orchestra. (USA)
11.- “Goin’ Back to Old Montana”. Patsy Montana. (USA)
12.- “I, Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi”. Andrew Sisters. (USA)
13.- “Green Rose Hula”. George Na-O-Pe with Chorus. (Hawai)
14.- “Somewhere in Old Wyoming”. Kentucky Mountain Boys. (USA)


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