martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Melodías Pizarras Terráqueas Vol 126

1.- "Hawaiian War Chant".Danny Cassella.
2.– "Cubanola Glide". Arthur Guitar Smith and his Cracker-Jacks.
3.– "Grand Terrace Rhythm". Fletcher Henderson.
4.- “You can’t break the heart of a farmer”. Prairie Ramblers.
5.- “He had it coming”. Wilmoth Houdini and his Royal Calypso Orchestra.
6.- “Rough Rider”. Local Calypso Quintet.
7.- “Feather Pillow Rag”. Dave Stogner and his Hayride Gang.
8- The Eyes of Texas. The Shellac Family
9.- Organ Grinder blues. The Shellac Family
10.- I'm Sitting On Top Of The World. The Shellac Family
11.- Tema de una película musical.The Shellac Family
12.- Cuña. The Shellac Family
13.- T for Texas.The Shellac Family
14.- You are my sunshine .The Shellac Family
15.- “Come up and see me some day”. Jimmie Revard y sus Oklahoma Playboys
16.- “Malihini Mele”. South Sea Islanders.


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