martes, 14 de mayo de 2013

Melodías Pizarras Vol 368

1.- “Special Delivery”. Cab Calloway Orchestra.
2.– “Buzzin’ Around With The Bee”. Lionel Hampton.
3.- “Wine-O Baby Boogie”. Joe Turner with Pete Johnson.
4.- “I’ll Tell The World”. Bob Dunn’s Vagabonds.
5.- “Put Your Arms Around Me, Honey”. Clayton McMichen’s Georgia Wildcats.
6.- "Pretty Little Dear". Light Crust Doughboys.
7.- “Oh, Lady Be Good”. The Louisiana Rhythm Kings.
8.- “Cubanakán”. Estrellas Habaneras.
9.- “La Conga Blicoti”. Josephine Baker et Lecuona Cuban Boys.
10.- “Voy Pa Mayarí”. Compay Segundo.
11.- “Give Her Nº1”. Eric Hayden with The Gulf Stream Calypso Band.
12.- “Don't Touch Me Nylon”. Marie Bryant with Jackie Brown Calipso Kings.
13.- “Old Joe Clark”. Al Hopkins and his Hill Billies.
14.- “Bell Clappin' Mama”. Bill Carlisle & Shannon Grayson.
15.- “Boogie In The Dark”. Jimmy Reed.
16.- “Messin’ Up”. Chuck Norris.
17.- “Devil Blues”. Johnny Lee Wills.
18.- "Still Water Runs The Deepest". Bob Wills.
19.- “Give Me A Red-Hot Mamma And An Ice-Cold Beer”. Smiley Maxedon.
20.- "Allah’s Holiday". Red Nichols & His Five Pennies.
21.- "Tu Verás... Somos Tres subidos a un árbol". Orquesta Demon.
22.- "La Chula de la Hula". Bonet de San Pedro y Los 7 de Palma.
23.- "Hilo March". The Honolulu Players.
24.- “Wai O Keaniani”. Davis Kahoonei with Joe Keawe and his Harmony Hawaiians.
25.- “El Niche”. Machito Orchestra.
26.- "Karabalí". Carlos Molina.
27.- "From Monday On". Dixie Demons.
28.- "Take Your Finger Out Of Your Mouth". The Kit-Cat Band.
29.- "Chili Bom Bom". Billy Murray & Ed Smalle with The Virginians.
30.- "Walking With Susie". Bert Madison Orchestra.


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