domingo, 9 de junio de 2013

Melodías Pizarras Vol 370

1.- “Stratosphere Boogie. Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West.
2.– “Roy Brown’s Boogie”. Roy Brown & His Mighty Men.
3.– “Society Boogie”. Joe Lutcher and his Society Cats.
4.- “Ring Dem Bells”. Svend Asmussen.
5.- “Ride'em Cowboy”. Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys.
6.- “She's A Hum Dum Dinger”. Buddy Jones.
7.- “That's a Plenty”. Muggsy Spanier.
8.- “Don't Hide Him Behind The Door”. The Growler.
9.- “Women Police In England”. The Mighty Terror And His Calypsonians.
10.- “Tomi Tomi”. Sol Hoopii Novelty Trio.
11.- “Blue Sparks”. Master’s Hawaiians.
12.- “Tangi Tika”. Eddie Lund.
13.- “Del Codo Al Caño”. Miguelito Valdés.
14.- “Suavecito”. Sexteto Nacional.
15.- “Colonel Boogey March”. Haitian Orchestra.
16.- “That's How I Got My Start”. Gene Autry.
17.- “Kitty Hall”. Bill Chitwood & His Georgia Mountaineers.
18.- “Perfidia”. Cuarteto Caney.
19.- “Ya se peinó María”. Sonora Matancera.
20.- “Pita el tren”. Armando Bohórquez con acompañamiento de orquesta.
21.- "The Hut Sut Song". Luis Rovira y su Orquesta.
22.- “Lawd, Lawd”. Cecil Scott and his Bright Boys.
23.- “Cow Cow Blues”. Cow Cow Davenport.
24.- “Plantation Boogie”. Pee Wee King.
25.- “Worried Man's Blues”. Sunshine Boys.
26.- “The Washboard Man”. Tennessee Ramblers.
27.- “Boomerang”. Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith.
28.- “Down in Waikiki”. Eddy’s Hawaiian Serenaders.
29.- “I've Found A New Baby”. The Mills Brothers.
30.- “Hula Lou”. The Varsity Eight.


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