domingo, 3 de noviembre de 2013

Melodías Pizarras Vol 381

1.- “Sweetie Dear”. Tommy Ladnier & Sidney Bechet’s New Orleans Feetwarmers.
2.– “Trying To Stop My Crying”. Joe “Wingy” Mannone and his Club Royale Orchestra.
3.- “Lazy River”. Louis Armstrong.
4.- “Hand Me Down My Waking Cane”. Abe Lyman and his Californians.
5.- “Riding To Glory”. Smokey Wood & The Woodchips.
6.- “Let's Incorporate”. Washboard Wonders.
7.- “Ojo rojo (Red Eye)”. The Champs.
8.- “It's the Rhythm We Want”. King Radio.
9.- “Out The Fire”. Duke Of Iron & The Calypso Trobadours.
10.- “Loca Rumba”. L'orchestre Cubain Oscar Calle Du Melody's.
11.- “Gloria Matancera”. Conjunto Lírico la Gloria Matancera.
12.- “La Sitiera”. Lecuona Cuban Boys.
13.- “What Do You Hear From The Mob In Scottland?”. The Kidoodlers.
14.- “All Because Of You”. South Sea Islanders.
15.- “Tappin’ Off”. Cab Calloway Orchestra.
16.- “Push-Out (Te-Huey, Te-Huey, Te-Huey)”. Ethel Waters with Ed Mallory Orchestra.
17.- “Tengo Miedo”. Rina Celi con Ramón Evaristo y su Orquesta.
18.- “Mercurio”. Orquesta Gong.
19.- “Pasó un lucero”. Pérez Prado Orquesta.
20.- “Adan y Eva”. Lalo Guerrero.
21.- “Coitado Do Federico”. Heleninha Costa con Severino Araujo.
22.- “Tell Me Baby”. Big Bill and his Chicago Five.
23.- “Sitting On The Top Of The World” . King Oliver with Clarence Williams Jug Band.
24.- “Poor Ole Teacher”. Arlie Duff.
25.- “With A Banjo On My Knee”. Prairie Ramblers and Patsy Montana.
26.- “I'm Goin' Back To Sadie”. Buddy Jones.
27.- “Old Barn Dance”. Wilf Carter.
28.- “Little Brown Eyed Girl”. Dick Reinhart and his Universal Cowboys.
29.- “Sing, Baby, Sing”. Bob Howard.
30.- "Nursery Rhythm”. Wayne King Orchestra.


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