viernes, 8 de noviembre de 2013

Melodías Pizarras Vol 383

1.- “Tear It Down”. Clyde McCoy Orchestra.
2.– “The Wreck Of The Old ‘97”. Muggsy Spanier Orchestra.
3.- “Weary Blues”. Tommy Ladnier Orchestra.
4.- “Red Hot Gal Of Mine”. Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys.
5.- “Somebody's Been Using That Thing”. Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies.
6.- “Pussy Pussy Pussy”. Light Crust Doughboys.
7.- “Babalú”. George Cates Orchestra.
8.- “Manzanillo”. Beny Moré y su Orquesta.
9.- “Como Traigo La Yuca”. Arsenio Rodríguez y su Conjunto.
10.- “Mi Tumbao”. Orchestre Typique Cubain.
11.- “Cousin, Cousin, Scratch Here So For Me”. Wilmoth Houdini With The Bamboo Orchestra.
12.- “Liliu E”. Kane’s Hawaiians.
13.- “Prancin’ Dancin’ Yodelin’ Man”. The Record Boys.
14.- “Cattle Call”. Slim Whitman.
15.- “Head Hunter”. Johnny Otis.
16.- “Woe Ho Ho”. Lloyd Price.
17.- “Keep On Sailing”. Jazz Gillum.
18.- “Choy-Choy-Hoy-Toy”. Les Brown and his Band Of Renown.
19.- “High Society Blues”. Mound City Blue Blowers.
20.- “I Ain’t Got Nobody”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
21.- “Do Something”. Rice Brothers Gang.
22.- “El Fantasma del Castillo”. Orquesta Gran Casino.
23.- “El Regreso de Cristóbal Colón”. Luis Rovira.
24.- “Tamure”. The Royal Polynesians, Featuring Charles Mauu.
25.- “Chew Tobacco rag”. Don Johnson Western Serenaders.
26.- “I’ve Got A Dog Who Loves Me”. Timmie “Oh Yeah!” Rogers.
27.- “Rock To The Music”. The Rhythm Jesters.
28.- “Shim Sham Shimmy”. Champion Jack Dupree.
29.- “Savoy Stomp”. Louis Russell Orchestra.
30.- "Ha-Cha-Cha”. Rudy Vallee and his Conneticut Yankees.


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