jueves, 23 de enero de 2014

Melodías Pizarras Vol 394

1.- “Raunchy”. Bill Justis.
2.– “Doggie House Boogie”. Merrill Moore.
3.- “Jail Bird”. Sonny Knight.
4.- “Stomp It Off”. Tommy Dorsey. 
5.- “Lil Liza Jane”. Louise Massey and The Westerners.
6.- “I’m Goin’ West To Texas”. Patsy Montana and the Prairie Ramblers.
7.- “Panama”. Luis Bacon Orchestra.
8.- “Treasury Scandal”. Atilla The Hun.
9.- “Tártara”. Orquesta Casino De La Playa. 
10.- “Negro-Bembón”. Oscar Calle Et Son Orquestre Cubain.
11.- “Fado Do Amor”. Don Barreto and his Cuban Orquesta. 
12.- “Ten Tiny Toes”. Sol Hoopii.
13.- “Don’t Change Horses”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
14.- “Blue Bazooka Blues”. Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets.
15.- “Kansas City Stomps”. Jelly-Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers.
16.- “Oh Lord, Somebody Touched Me”. The Gay Sisters.
17.- “Glory To The Lamb”. Carter Family.
18.- “Texas Quickstep”. The Red Headers Fiddlers.
19.- “Railroad Track”. Lee Bedford JR.
20.- “Truck Stop Grill”. Arthur ‘Guitar Boogie’ Smith.
21.- “Volverá la Primavera”. Bonet de San Pedro y los 7 de Palma.
22.- “Margarita”. Elsie Bayron con Luis Rovira y su Orquesta.
23.- “Clarinet Marmalade Blues”. Original Dixieland Jazz Band.
24.- “Baby, What’s Wrong?”. Piano Red.
25.- “Roomin' House Boogie”. Amos Milburn.
26.- “My Bear Cat Mountain Gal”. Texas Jim Lewis and his Lone Star Cowboys.
27.- “Is There Still Room For Me?”. Clayton McMichen’s Georgia Wildcats.
28.- “Pour Danser Le Charleston”. Odeon Syncopators.
29.- “Who Knows?”. Frank Farrell and his Greenwich Village Inn Orchestra.
30.- "That’s What Puts The Sweet In Home Sweet Home”. Jean Goldkette’s Orchestra


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