domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Melodías Pizarras Vol 402

1.- “Three Fiddle Rag”. Spade Cooley.
2.– “Arkansas Traveler”. Shorty McCoy and his Southern Playboys.
3.- “Jitter Bug”. Cab Calloway y su Orquesta del Cotton Club..
4.- “Upstairs”. Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys.
5.- “Dear John”. Jim Boyd and his Men Of The West.
6.- “I’m A Married Man”. Luke Will’s Rhythm Busters.
7.- “Le Vrai Mambo”. Jerry Mengo.
8.- “Bombokolea”. Pérez Prado and his Orchestra.
9.- “Anamú”. Cuarteto Mayarí.
10.- “At The Iron Bar”. Blind Blake.
11.- “Moonland”. Jerry Byrd and the String Dusters.
12.- “When You’re Smiling”. Julia Lee and her Boyfriends.
13.- “Cocaine Habit Blues”. Memphis Jug Band.
14.- “The Grave On The Green Hillside”. The Carter Family.
15.- “Tampa Shout”. Leroy's Dallas Band.
16.- "Blue suede shoes". Carl Perkins
17.- “The Tennessee Rock And Roll”. Sons Of The Pioneers.
18.- “Big Footed Sam”. Hank Penny.
19.- “Tweedlee Dee”. Pee Wee King.
20.- “Blue Tango”. Les Baxter.
21.- "El Grillo". Manuel Gozalbo y Ederlinda con su Orquesta.
22.- “A E I O U”. Orquesta Regal.
23.- “Go Harlem”. Chick Webb.
24.- “Sally Zu-Zazz-Blues”. Big Joe Turner.
25.- “High Cost Low Pay Blues”. Ivory Joe Hunter.
26.- “Truck Drivin’ Woman”. Eddie Hazelwood and his Carolina Woodchoppers.
27.- “In The Blue Hills Of Virginia”. Delmore Brothers.
28.- “Washington Wobble”. Duke Ellington.
29.- “Nobody’s Sweetheart”. Billy Costello.
30.- “Thinking Of You”. Nat Shilkret & The Victor Orchestra.


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