viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

Melodías Pizarras Vol 406

1.- “Boogie Woogie Stomp”. Albert Amons and his Rhythm Kings.
2.– “London Bridge Is Falling Down”. Count Basie.
3.- “Jump, Jive, An' Wail”. Louis Prima.
4.- “Atomic Baby”. Amos Milburn.
5.- “John Henry”. Salty Holmes and his Brown County Boys.
6.- “The Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud”. Hank Snow.
7.- “Showboat Mambo”. Tiny Grimes.
8.- “Reincarnation (Bed Bug)”. Baba Motta Orchestra.
9.- “The Naughty Little Flea”. Reynolds Calypso Clippers.
10.- “Mulata, Qué Pasa”. Orquesta Casino De La Playa.
11.- “Fue En La Africa Lejana”. Trio Hermanas Márquez.
12.- “Tatmata Binta Fudu Bender”. Tarrancis Mandingo Dance Band.
13.- “Femme Tombé”. Gilles Sala y el Trío Karukéra.
14.- “Three Men Went A Huntin'”. Byrd Moore & His Hot Shots.
15.- “Soft”. Tiny Bradshaw.
16.- “Blow Big Jay”. Big Jay McNeely.
17.- “What You Want Poor Me To Do”. Floyd Campbell and his Gang Busters.
18.- “Inspiration”. Earl Hines.
19.- “Summum”. Mari Merche con la Orquesta Plantación.
20.- “Ri-di-di”. Elsie Bayron con las Orquesta Gran Casino.
21.- “Ragtime Cowboy Joe”. Ranch Boys.
22.- “Gotta Hit That Texas Trail Tonight”. Prairie Ramblers.
23.- “Steel Guitar Chimes”. Roy Acuff and his Crazy Tennesseans.
24.- “Just One Little Kiss”. Maddox Brothers and Rose.
25.- “Match Box Blues”. Shelton Brothers.
26.- “Choc’Late Ice Cream Gone”. Red Foley and the Dixie Duns.
27.- “Hilo March”. Felix Mendelssohn and his Hawaiian Serenaders.
28.- “Take Me To The River”. Jabbo Smith’s Rhythm Aces.
29.- “Auburn Ave.Stomp”. J. Neal Montgomery And His Orchestra.
30.- “Blue Guitar”. Sheb Wooley.


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