domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

Melodías Pizarras Vol 440

1.– "St. Louis Blues Mambo". Noro Morales.
2.- “St. Louis Blues”. Cab Calloway.
3.– “Ain’t She’ Sweet?”. Tex Fletcher’s Lonely Cowboys.
4.- “Vain Ton Don a Ma Mort”. Happy Fats and his Rayne Bo-Ramblers.
5.- “She's Just That Kind”. Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys.
6.- “It Ain't Right”. The Washboard Wonders.
7.- “Entrándole al Piano”. Damirón y su Ritmo.
8.- “Aferincomon”. Katherine Dunham and Ensemble.
9.- “El Manisero”. Don Azpiazu and his Havana Casino Orquesta.
10.- “Conga de San Diego”. Luis Aranguiz y su Orquesta.
11.- “Alegre Conga”. Cuarteto Caney.
12.- “Oye La Conga”. Lecuona Cuban Boys.
13.- “Two Timing Lennie”. Count Lasher’s Calypso Quintet.
14.- “Lilian's Slackness”. Lord Ziegfield.
15.- “Colonel Boogey March”. Haitian Orchestra.
16.- “Are You Washed in The Blood”. Ernest V. Stoneman and his Dixie Mountaineers.
17.- "Blue Yodel Nº8". Jimmie Rodgers.
18.- “Kila Mwaka”. Isaya Mwinamo and Tom Miti.
19.- “Rhumboogie”. The Andrews Sisters.
20.- "Irish Mambo". Alma Cogan.
21.- “Some Cold Rainy Day”. Bertha Chippie Hill.
22.- "Don’t Push Me Around". Roosevelt Sykes.
23.- “Georgia Steel Guitar”. Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters.
24.- “I’ll Still Write Your Name In The sand”. Maddox Brothers.
25.- “Honky Tonkin’”. Spade Cooley and his Orchestra.
26.- “Beale Street Blues”. Jerry Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers.
27.- "Ke-Ka-Ipo". Mena Moeria Minstrels.
28.- “Me And The Blues”. The State Street Ramblers.
29.- “Riding Down The Canyon”. Jimmie Revard y sus Oklahoma Playboys.
30.- "Humoreskimo”. Clicquot Club Eskimos.


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