viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

Melodías Pizarras Vol 454

1.– “Two Piano Boogie”. Freddie Burns & His Ranch Boys.
2.- “Better Cut That Out”. Sonny Boy Williamson.
3.– “Burn That Candle”. Bill Halley and his Comets.
4.- “Jitterbug Jive”. Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers.
5.- “My Ozark Mountain Home”. Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys.
6.- “Mean Mistreater Blues”. Bob Dunn's Vagabonds.
7.- “Georgia Steel Guitar”. Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West.
8.- “It All Began With Adam And Eve”. Lord Flea.
9.- “Mary Ann”. The Wrigglers.
10.- “Mi Tumbao”. Orchestre Typique Cubain.
11.- “Little Gal Mother is Calling You”. Al Philip Iere Syncapotors.
12.- “Coulouman”. Alphonso et son Orchestre Antillaine.
13.- “Loca Rumba”. Oscar Calle y sus Melody’s Bar Boys.
14.- “The Lady In Red”. Xavier Cugat and his Orquesta.
15.- “Ja-Da”. Tommy Dorsey and his Orhestra.
16.- “Papio”. S.G. Raham.
17.- “El Grillo”. Manuel Gozalbo y Ederlinda.
18.- “El Gitano y el burro”. Orquesta Gran Casino.
19.- “Corrido De Joaquín Murrieta - Part I”. Los Madrugadores.
20.- “You're Driving Me Crazy”. The McKinney's Cotton Pickers.
21.- “Tell It To Me”. Grant Brothers & Their Music.
22.- “Whitehouse Blues”. Charlie Poole with the North Carolina Ramblers.
23.- “Bass Man Jive”. Ocie Stockard and His Wanderers.
24.- “Christmas Date Boogie”. Big Joe Turner.
25.- “Was A Single Girl Again”. Lulu Belle & Scotty.
26.- “Stomp Your Stuff”. Chicago Stompers.
27.- “Burucuntum”. Carmen Miranda.
28.- “The Stuff Is Here”. Cleo Brown.
29.- “Hawaiian Love”. Kane's Hawaiians.
30.- “I Want a Girl”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
31.- "Comunista". Carmen Aubert con la Orquesta Godes.


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