jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 471

1.- “Low Man On A Totem Pole”. Jimmy Bryant & Speedy West.
2.- "Turkey Hot Part 2". The Robins.
3.- “Rock It”. Roosevelt Sykes.
4.- "I Can't Dance (I've got ants in my pants)". Roy Newman and his Boys.
5.- “Oh Look At That Baby”. The Tune Wranglers.
6.- "That's What I Like About the Sout". Cliff Bruner and His Boys.
7.- “Peanut Vendor”. California Ramblers.
8.- “Rumba Guajira”. Oscar Calle Et Son Orquestre Cubain.
9.- "Traba Lengua”. Cuarteto Caney.
10.- "Ilusión China". Cuarteto Machín.
11.- "Lignum Vitae". Sam Manning.
12.- “Marabella Wedding”. The Tiger.
13.- “Hawaiian Hospitality”. Louis Armstrong With Andy Iona And His Islanders.
14.- “If I Could Only Learn To Yodel”. Patsy Montana.
15.- “Theme from Igor”. Ernie Freeman.
16.- “I Found Out”. The Du-Droppers.
17.- “Yak Yak”. Marvin & Johnny.
18.- "The Hot Guitar". Eddie Hill.
19.- “Hilo March”. Jerry Byrd.
20.- "Amante del Deporte". Orquesta Luis Duque.
21.- “Reefer Man”. Baron Lee & his Blue Rhythm Band.
22.- “Dinah”. Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang.
23.- "Frankie's Tune". The Bechuanaland Boys.
24.- “Pick That Bass”. Hoosier Hot Shots.
25.- “Travellin' Boogie”. Zeb Turner.
26.- "Jump Rope Boogie". Cliffie Stone and His Orchestra.
27.- “Raw Cod Fish”. Lloyd Thomas con The Calypso Troubadours.
28.- “Chulu Chululu”. Mila with Eddie Lund and his Tahitians.
29.- "You Must Come In At The Door". Sons of The Pioneers.
30.- "Puttin´ on the Ritz". Leo Reisman and his Orchestra.
31.- "Chant Of The Jungle". Nat Shilkret & His Victor Orchestra.


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