lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 477

1.- “One OClock Jump”. Metronome All Star Band.
2.– “To My House”. Ocie Stockard and the Wanderers.
3.- “Garbage Man Blues”. Roy Newman His Boys.
4.- “Papas Gone”. The Nite Owls.
5.- “Jump And Shout”. Erline Harris.
6.- "My Natchl Man". Jesse Powell Orchestra.
7.- "Peanut Vendor". The Rhythm Rockers.
8.- “Son retozón”. Orchestre Typique Castellanos de la Cabane Cubain.
9.- “Cutunka”. La Gloria Matancera.
10.- “Ecue Senseribo”. Lecuona Cuban Boys
11.- “Swine Lane Gal”. Lord Fly Dan Williams His Orchestra.
12.- “Sweet Georgia Brown”. Jim & Bob, the Genial Hawaiians.
13.- “Whoopie - Ti - Yi - Yo”. Yodeling Slim Clark.
14.- "That's How I Got My Start". Gene Autry.
15.- “Get Happy”. Benny Goodman Orchestra.
16.- “When I Get Low I Get High”. Chick Webb & his Orchestra.
17.- “Disco Rayado”. Elsie Bayron.
18.- “Boogie Woogie Camp Meetin’”. Franz Jackson and his Jacksonians.
19.- “Turner's Turnpike”. Jerry Byrd String Dusters Dusters.
20.- “Over Sixty”. Doug Bine and his Dixie Ramblers.
21.- “Goombay Rock”. Blind Blake.
22.- “Qué cinturita”. Sonora Matancera.
23.- "Impromptu Ensemble No.1". Eddie Condon and His Orchestra.
24.- "Blue Shadows". Lowell Fulson.
25.- “Trombone Cholly”. Bessie Smith and her Blue Boys.
26.- “Get the gold”. Three Peppers.
27.- “Tom Cat Boogie”. Johnnie Lee Wills and his Boys.
28.- "Wah Hoo”. Bill Boyd and his Cowboy Ramblers.
29.- "Bag of Blues". Jack Pettis and his Pets.
30.- “Sweet Sixteen And Never Been Kissed”. The Blue Mountaineers.
31.- "Nasty Man". Vincent Rose and His Orchestra.


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