sábado, 22 de octubre de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 484

1.- “Happy Days”. Goebel Reeves
2.– “Tom Cat Blues”. Cliff Carlisle
3.- "Arizona Yodeler’”. The Dezurik Sisters
4.- “Jazz Me Blues”. Alabama Jug Band
5.- “When Day Is Done”. Mildred Bailey And Her Swing Band
6.- “Me & My Chauffer”. Memphis Minnie
7.- “St. Louis Blues”. John Kirby And Orchestra
8.- “Not Me”. Denzil Laing Trio
9.- “The Lost Watch”. Hubert Raphael De Leon Lion
10.- “Begonia Swing”. Freddy Jumbo & Son Ensemble
11.- “La Ruñidera”. Sacasas Havana Madrid Orchestra
12.- “Me la Llevo”. Conjunto Matamoros
13.- “Al Encontrarte”. Cuarteto Machin
14.- “Jimmie's Texas Blues”. Jimmie Rodgers
15.- “Shipping Port”. Jimmy Johnsons String Band
16.- “Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe”. Red Fox Chasers
17.- “3 Men Went A Huntin'”. Byrd Moore & His Hot Shots
18.- “C’est le Caïman”. Tomas et ses Merry Boys
19.- “La canción del mosquito” José Puertas y su Quinteto de Hot
20.- “La caraba”. Orquesta Demons Jazz
21.- "Cowboy Yodel”. Gene Autry
22.- “Mocking Bird Yodel”. Carolina Cotton Pickers 
23.- “T-Bone Rag”. Jimmy Bryant
24.- “Les Femmes D'Amerique”. George "Tautu" Archer And The Pagans
25.- “Zombie Jamboree”. King Flash
26.- “Dance Hall Shuffle”. Clifford Hayes Louisville Stompers
27.- “Hound Dog”. Tommy Duncan And The Miller Brothers
28.- “Guess Who's In Town”. Bill Boyd and his Cowboy ramblers
29.- “Ellis March”. Madame Riviere's Hawaiians Tau Moe
30.- "That's a Good Girl’”. Ben Selvin Orchestra
31.- "Whistle and Blow Your Blues Away’”. Johnny Hamp and His Orchestra


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