martes, 1 de noviembre de 2016

Melodías Pizarras Vol 486

1.- “Rocket 69”. Todd Rhodes Orchestra
2.– “The Haunted House Boogie”. Happy Wilson
3.- “Spookie Boogie”. Cecil Campbell's Tennessee Ramblers
4.- “The Boppin Martian”. Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers
5.- “Mr. Ghost Goes To Town”. Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang
6.- “Abercrombie had a Zombie”. Larry Clinton´s Bluebird Orchestra
7.- “Boogie Man”. Todd Rollins & His Orchestra
8.- “Phantom Fantasie”. Fletcher Henderson and His Orchestra
9.- “Los Marcianos”. Franco e i G5
10.- “Los Marcianos”. Tito Rodriguez y su Orquesta
11.- “Que viene el Marciano”. Pilarín LaFuente
12.- “Voodoo”. Cyril Diaz & His Orchestra
13.- “Stone Cold Dead In The Market”. Vincent Martin & His Bahamians
14.- “Back to Back, Belly to Belly”. The Charmer
15.- “Magic Spell Blues”. Charlie Burse and His Memphis Mudcats
16.- “Satanic Blues”. Nick La Rocca & His Original Dixieland Band
17.- “Ghost In The Graveyard”. Prairie Ramblers
18.- “The Monster”. Bobby Please and The Pleasers
19.- “The Monster”. Billy Ford and The Thunderbirds
20.- “Mr Magician”. Sam Robbins and Hotel McAlpin Orchestra
21.- “She's In The Graveyard Now”. Earl Mcdonald's Original Louisville Jug Band.
22.- “Haunted Road Blues”. Tom Ashley.
23.- “The Nightmare”. Cab Calloway and His Orchestra
24.- “Ding-Dong! the Witch Is Dead”. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
25.- “El Vampiro”. Los Corraleros de Majagual
26.- “Vampiro”. Jo Soares
27.- “Movie Monster Ball”. Spike Jones & His Band
28.- “Flying Saucer Mama”. Jesse James & All The Boys
29.- “The Martian Band”. Scottie Stoneman
30.- “Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer”. Ella Fitzgerald
31.- "Yodeling Ghost”. Patsy Montana
32.- "Fantasmas”. Franz Joham, con Ramón Evaristo y su Orquesta
33.- "Diablo”. Rafael Hernández y su Orquesta
34.- "Zombie Jamboree”. King Flash
35.- "Indian Love Call”. Slim Whitman


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