jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Melodías Pizarras Vol 508

1.- “Rolling Stone”. Dave Woolum
2.- “Boogie WoogieWoman”. Tampa Red
3.- “Boogie WoogieWoman”. B.B. King
4.- “Chi (Chicago)”. Jumpin Joe Williams with Red Saunders
5.- “Saddle Boogie”. Merrill Moore
6.- “Slow Down Sweet Mama”. Leon Chappel
7.- “Up and Down Mambo”. Noro Morales
8.- “Guajiro de verdad”. Benny Moré
9.- “Después que sufras”. Septeto Anacaona
10.- “Romántica Mujer”. Sexteto Habanero
11.- “Oh Lady You're Mashin' Me Toe”. Macbeth The Great
12.- “Life in Hawaii”. Mighty Bomber
13.- “Bachelor's life”. Lord Flea and his Calypsonians
14.- “Sloppy Drunk Blues”. Bessie Jackson
15.- “Bitter Creek”. Oscar & Doc Harper
16.- “Shelvin Rock”. Charlie Wilson And His Hayloft Boys
17.- “Midnight Trouble Blues”. Son Becky
18.- “Im Mighty Hard To Beat”. Joe Cannonball Lewis
19.- "Cut Across Shorty”. Eddie Cochran
20.- “Calling You”. Hank Williams And The Country Boys
21.- “The Arizona Yodeler”. Kenny Roberts
22.- “La Faldibirita”. Lolita Garrido
23.- “Swing Guitars”. Jean Ferret et son Sixtette
24 - “What's My Baby Doin'”. Harlem Hamfats
25.- “Blue Monday”. Fats Domino.
26.- “The Alphabet”. Hank Snow
27.- “Hickory Nut Boogie”. Lucky Joe Almond and his Hillbilly Rockers
28.- “Hard To Get Gertie”. The Los Angeles Biltimore Trio
29.- “I Don't Worry”. Bar X Cowboys
30.- "Carolina”. Allen Taylor Orchestra
31.- “Suzanna”. Abe Lyman & His California Orchestra


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