viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Melodías Pizarras Terráqueas Vol 106

1.- “Steel Guitar Hop”. Cecil Campbell’s Tennessee Ramblers. (USA)
2.– “She was a washout in the blackout”. Hoosier Hot Shots. (USA)
3.- “Honky Tonk Blues”. Jimmie Davis and Brown’s Musical Brownies. (USA)
4.- “I’m just an Outcast”. The Bar X Cowboys. (USA)
5.- “Bump On A Log”. Lula Reed. (USA)
6.- “Bangin’ The Boogie”. Camille Howard. (USA)
7.- “Home Again Medley”. Red Mountain Trio. (USA)
8.- “Little Darling, Pal Of Mine”. The Carter Family. (USA)
9.- “Loop-De-Loop”. John Ryan. (USA)
10.- “Hawk-Eye”. Bobby Lord. (USA)
11.- “Falling For You”. Link Davis and his Bayou Billies. (USA)
12.- “I’ll Still Write Your Name In The sand”. Maddox Bros. (USA)
13.- “Naughty Little Flea”. Lili Verona and Don Carlos. (Jamaica)
14.- “Nani Wale Na Hala Tomi Tomi”. Alvin Keleolani & his Original Royal Hawaiians. (Hawai)


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