lunes, 5 de septiembre de 2011

Melodías Pizarras Terráqueas Vol 107

1.- “Skokiaan”. African Dance Band of The Cold Storage Commission of Southern Rhodesia. (Sudáfrica)
2.– “Don’t telephone, don’t telegraph (tell a woman)”. Tex Williams and his Western Caravan. (USA)
3.- “Haulin’ Freight”. Bob Newman. (USA)
4.- “Hep Cat’s Love Song”. Cab Calloway and his Orchestra.  (USA)   
5.- “She’s got the cutest eyes”. Cecil Campbell’s Tennessee Ramblers. (USA)
6.- “Totten’ The Poke”. Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys. (USA)
7.- “Dedicatory piece to the crew and passengers of the first experimental rocket express to the moon”. The Raymond Scott Quintet. (USA)
8.- “Sika Bopha”. The Gong Yankees. (Sudáfrica)
9.- “Little Grass Shack”. Vince Akina & his South Sea Islanders. (Hawai)    
10.- “Wham F.T. ‘Re Bop Boom Bam’”. Jack Teagarden and his Orchestra. (USA)
11.- “Piles of it”. New Dixie Demons. (USA)
12.- “Marche Masson”. Henri Lacroix et ses Habitants. (Canadá)
13.- “Scratch and Itch”. T. Texas Tyler “The Man with a Million Friends”. (USA)
14.- “Take me back again”. Cliff Bruner and his Boys. (USA)


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